Top 5: Benefits of buying an Iphone 8

Top 5: Benefits of buying an Iphone 8

Here we give you our top highlights about the new Iphone 8!

It’s official. Apple will be presenting their new products today Sept. 12th at their Apple Special Event!

You can watch the live streaming here:



   1. OLED Display :

iPhone 8 pro -OLED display

“An organic light-emitting diode (OLED)”. One of the most striking aspects of the new iPhone 8 is that it will be the first iPhone with an OLED screen. Although OLED screens are nothing new to the smartphone market, Apple has been slow enough to adopt it on its own production line.

All this will change starting today with the introduction of the iPhone X that will incorporate a 5.8 inch screen from edge to edge. In turn, iPhone X users will enjoy a terminal that offers richer and more vibrant colors.

   2. 3D Dual Lens Camera

Resultado de imagen para camera iphone 8

The front camera is the one that will have the big changes, according to reports, as it will gain 3D technology and facial recognition, as well as depth recognition for authentication and for applications that take advantage of it.

With this camera, the iPhone 8 could take user selfies and use them for applications related to augmented reality. It has been rumored repeatedly that the iPhone 8 would already include dyes of augmented reality technology.

   3. Cutting-edge Six-core A11 processor

Resultado de imagen para A11 processor

Much powerful processor gets a spot on the iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X pros and cons list. iPhone 8 will house a much better processor – six-core A11. TSMC, the supplier of A11 chips for iPhone 8, has begun the 10-nanometer design process, meaning that iPhone 8 would ship with advanced 10nm A11 chips. A11 chip will make iPhone 8/Plus/X at least 100 times faster and gives desktop-class performance. With A11 chip, iPhone 8 can last longer than iPhone 7/Plus/6s/SE, which is one of the biggest advantages of iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. “The most powerful chip in an iPhone” makes “the longest battery life in an iPhone”. Will the long-standing iPhone battery drain issue be solved by A11 processor?

   4. Remote Wireless Charging

Resultado de imagen para remote wireless charging iphone 8

Image by The Next Web

Update to iPhone 8/Plus to enjoy another iPhone 8 advantage – high-speed wireless charging is utilized to the new iPhone, and it’s different from what we see in Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S8/S7. iPhone 8 remote wireless charging breaks the limits that users should put the phone on a charging plate, marking a new wireless charging era. iPhone 8 can still charge wirelessly from the outlet up to 15 feet away. As mentioned before, speedy wireless charging partly thanks to iPhone 8 glass casing is also iPhone 8 strength. If high-speed wireless charging is realized in iPhone 8, other iDevices are expected to have this selling point.


   5. Completely New Design

Resultado de imagen para iphone 8

Image by Mac Rumors

The latest iPhone is expected to be a major update from its predecessors. And it should be: It’s been three years since the iPhone’s form factor was overhauled. The last time Apple redesigned the iPhone’s exterior was when it launched its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September 2014. 

As Apple’s tenth year anniversary phone, one of the greatest pros with iPhone X is its refreshed designed. iPhone 8 would be the first iPhone to come with all-glass casing in order to support wireless charging. Home button is gone in iPhone 8 to sport a curved glass look, and display is embedded fingerprint sensor. All rumors have pointed out that we would have a big iPhone – Apple plans to increase iPhone 8 screen sizes to 5.0 inches, iPhone 8 Plus 5.8 inches, catering for iPhone fans that prefer large screen size.


Join the Apple Special Event to get the best impression of the new Iphone 8!


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