Amazon Echo – is it worth buying?

Amazon Echo – is it worth buying?

I guess by now you’ll have heard about technologies that allow our homes to be smart, from self-adjusting air conditioning systems, smart light switches and now home assistants. A technology that now has as a reference Amazon Echo, a gadget that allows us to control other gadgets that we have in our house by voice commands.

Before we start with the lists of things that Amazon Echo can do for us, we need to know that its operation is based on a virtual assistant called Alexa. This software has a similar function to what we can see in other attendees of this type like Google Now, Siri or Cortana, in this sense and as I mentioned above, all the interaction will be through voice command, commands that among other things will allow us do the following.


Amazon Echo, the first step to turn our house smart!


The Amazon Echo is compatible with a lot of intelligent light bulbs like Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, Sensi, among several others. It also supports intelligent hubs such as the Samsung Smart Things.

This compatibility makes it possible to put all these intelligent devices within reach of our voice, which will allow us, for example, to turn on or adjust the lights to the intensity we want, turn on the radio or television or adjust the temperature without leaving the comfort of our sofa.

The commands that Alexa recognizes, and therefore the Amazon Echo, could be said to be generic. However, they vary a little depending on the devices we use and as we have them registered in the application of Alexa.

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Receive Notifications

It seems that once we have received the first notification of our lives, we can not stop receiving them. For better or worse, Amazon Echo will allow us to receive different types of notifications that will depend on the configuration we have given.

So once again, if we can in the situation where we are waking up to go to work and we want to know what time it is to choose the most suitable clothes for the moment, we can consult the climatic conditions without having to resort to the mobile. Likewise, we will be able to receive notifications about the state of the traffic, while for example we make breakfast.

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It will put your favorite music

I had not said it before, but the Amazon Echo in essence is a Bluetooth speaker. Under this principle we will be able to reproduce any song that we have in our phone, that is available in Amazon Prime Music (if we have the service) or that we have uploaded to its cloud.

Another of the musical functionalities that this gadget has, is to suggest playlists based on our mood, festivities or by artist.

Also and very conveniently, Amazon continues to expand the compatibility of this device with other services, something that will also allow us to play songs and playlists that we have in our account Spotify.

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Aren’t you a professional chef?

Those who are not very skilled in the kitchen could find in the Amazon Echo a great help. The device is able to give us step by step the necessary instructions for the preparation of recipes, the only bad thing in this aspect, is that we will be limited to the recipes that have Amazon to his credit and specifically in the cookbooks that have registered.

In the same way, it will serve to convert measures and set alarms so that we do not exceed the amounts and time necessary for the recipe to work out the best way.

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You want an Amazon Echo, and you know it


As we see the Amazon echo has quite interesting functions, however, it is possible that even more than one is skeptical about the subject, a posture more than respectable, but before this way of thinking, we should think about this gadget for the future, in the end smart houses are barely seeing the first lights of their life.

In this sense, you have to look forward and consider what in a couple of years devices like the Echo can do for us, which will no doubt be much more than turning the lights on or off, can take it for granted.

Although it would be a little expensive fare, now it costs 180 US dollars, the Amazon Echo would be a great companion for my room or room, the only drawback is that for now it is only available for the American market, so personally I will We wait a little longer.


I want an Amazon Echo, and you ?.

Click to get yours!


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