Nintendo Direct : all you need to know!

Nintendo Direct : all you need to know!


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Nintendo had prepared a new Direct for the night from Wednesday to Thursday and, as expected, have been 45 minutes focused on an exhaustive review of what is to come to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, the two platforms of the company. In total, they have shown more than thirty different games but, as always, countless of them have left the so typical montages with 3-4 seconds of footage per game. But what has been the most important?



Super Mario Oddyssey, without a doubt. And it is that if already pointed very high after what was seen in January and during E3, the minutes that have dedicated today to the game, focused on presenting some more worlds and new options for customization and transformation of our character, have served as a great hype kick in the face of its upcoming release, next October 27th. The trailer is overwhelming in design, showing the myriad of playable options that we will have at our fingertips. Undoubtedly, it aims to be a massive delivery that, could not be otherwise, will come accompanied by a pack next to the console, a new holster and a Joy-Con reds.


Another one of the great protagonists of the presentation has been the also near Xenoblade Chronicles II that, at last, has confirmed its date of launch: will arrive 1 of December. A very extensive look at his universe and options has served to appreciate that the new work of Monolith looks as huge in size as usual but also to check that perhaps Switch is a bit short at the technical level. The game, in spite of its beautiful artistic invoice, seems to limquear more than the desirable thing. Be that as it may, another exclusive of postín for a more than juicy straight final of 2017.

The third in discord, this time for Nintendo 3DS, has been the pair of Pokémon Ultra Sol and Ultra Moon, of which little was known until the moment. These two titles, which will arrive on November 17, will include new areas in Alola, new Ultratensions, new megapiedras and a new plot. It seems that the desires to return to Kanto are gradually fading away but undoubtedly is a great addition to a Nintendo laptop that, in its new version 2DS, will arrive customized for the occasion, with a Poke-ball edition.

Of the rest of small news we could highlight the trailer of Project Octopath Traveler, new project of the creators of Bravely Default that already has a demo in Switch eShop, the arrival of Minecraft to New 3DS today, a DLC for the great game of Snipperclips puzzles and, eye, the arrival of DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Order to Nintendo Switch. It seems that Bethesda is the third most intended to support the Nintendo console. Below you have the complete presentation.




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