Iphone 8/X doesn’t like the new T-Mobile’s new LTE network

Iphone 8/X doesn’t like the new T-Mobile’s new LTE network

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As you probably know already Apple released the new Iphone X and Iphone 8 couple of days ago. These new smartphones are showing very promising features, and at the same time a big flaw that will only affect T-Mobile customers. There will have no support for the new T-Mobile’s LTE network.

Back on August 16th 2017, T-Mobile announces that is had begun lighting up its new 600 MHz LTE Network. Right now with the first locations already online supporting the new network, T-Mobile expectation is to cover a million square miles by the end of 2017. The detail here is that the new LTE network uses a brand-new LTE channel, band 71, and not every device supports this new network channel. And the new Iphone 8 and Iphone X are not on the supported devices’s list.

When you check on the New Iphone’s specs page you will realize that there is a list with all the usually supported bands for NA, but they are not including band 71. Any way you think about it this is a big setback for T-Mobile in the smartphones market. if you think about it, Iphone 8/X were widely expected, an are expected to be the upgrade that Iphone 6 and 6S users were waiting for. Imagine being one of those Iphone 6 users that waited 2 years to make an upgrade and realize that your TELCO’s fastest network won’t be compatible with the new Iphone you want.

In the other hand, T-Mobile had an ace under the sleeve, T-Mobile was prepared for the new Iphone’s announcement and it’s giving $300 to any customer that is willing to trade an Iphone 6 or newer in a good condition for an Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus or an Iphone X. For customer interested on the new Iphone that will be a little overpriced at first, an additional $300 credit should be of help.

In summary, if you are looking to buy the newer Iphone models T-Mobile is probably not the best way to go, not until Apple releases Iphone X2 probably next year and you have support for faster LTE networks.







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