Amazon Deals: make a business out of it!

Amazon Deals: make a business out of it!

Want to know everything about how dropshipping works? What it is, how it works, who are the dropshippers or what droshipping providers there are. We’ll tell you about it here!


Dropshipping is an eCommerce model that has truly revolutionized the way we sell products on the internet. Before its appearance, if you wanted to have an online business you were forced to make a significant initial investment in products, storage and logistics. Many times you could not monetize the store given the enormous amount of expenses involved and ended up throwing the closure.

Thanks to dropshipping you can have a shop to sell without stock, since you sell on your own website the products of a supplier as Amazon. It also makes the shipments and manages the returns, so the only thing we have to do now in dropshipping is to attract customers and generate sales.


One of the most important aspects in dropshipping is to work alongside the right suppliers or droshippers. Think of them depends largely on the quality of your customer service and, therefore, the reputation of your brand and the image of your business are in the hands of the dropshippers. The idea of looking a trusted supplier come from the fact that a large and senior company will be more likely to deliver a good service and quality products in difference to an small and new supplier in the market.

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The operation of dropshipping is very simple. The seller and owner of the online store is the intermediary between the dropshipping supplier and the final customer. When the seller gets a sale in his store, he contacts the wholesaler and the wholesaler sends the customer the order within the agreed period.

In addition, for the end customer the eCommerce vendor is the only visible face of the online store, since it receives the product inside a package that does not carry any code that suggests that it comes directly from the store of the dropshipping provider. If the buyer wants to return the product he has bought, he will contact you, but the return is handled by the wholesaler.

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If you start with your  dropshipping business with Amazon or Ebay, you will not have to waste time and money searching for dropshipping suppliers for your online business.

In which sectors are these dropshipping providers specialized? Perfumery, toys, drinks, food, sports, fashion and accessories, electronics, LED lighting, erotic products, gifts and merchandising, outdoor and survival and dietary products.

As you can see, there are lots of commercial sectors where we can start our own business, and for each one of them different online stores connected to prestigious suppliers to do dropshipping and sell without stock on the internet.


To put this whole concept in practice spending $0 dollars from your pocket, you can try opening an account in Ebay, then turning yourself into an Ebay seller, once you have done that you can get into Amazon and take products from the Amazon Gold Box which is the Amazon today’s deals and advertise them into Ebay at their full price.

Easy, right? Now you just have to wait for a customer to buy one of your announced products on Ebay and when the order comes in, you just get into Amazon and ship the item to the customer.

Where is the business there if you are just a man in the middle of the sale? Well the business come from the fact that you will advertise the products on Ebay at full price, whereas you will buy them from Amazon at a discounted price.

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The key is to have a good audience coming into your webpage and the money will start to flow by itself.

Give it a try and tell us how it goes!



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