This is what I’ve learned after years of shopping on Amazon

This is what I’ve learned after years of shopping on Amazon

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Beyond the basics of online buying, after so many transactions on Amazon I have come out with some rules i follow before i decide to get and item. At first the idea of searching over such large site like Amazon amazed me, specially the trill was rewarded with what Amazon was years ago, where most item shown had a quality matched to the greatness the site is in the present, however now days it is required to more careful, Amazon has allowed more and more bad quality items or bad stores to be advertised on their platform and so we as buying need to be more careful with what we get.

That is why i want to present you with my own in order to avoid scammers, bad quality or going over tedious refund/return situations. Remember, this are not basic rules like “read item description carefully”, these are rules on further item analysis before purchase.


So what are these rules?


Item location?

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When and item does not have 2 day prime shipping option i always confirm delivery time, it is going to be over 2 weeks (no business days), this sounds like and item shipped from China and in experience i cannot warranty end quality from the published pictures then, be that size, color, materials or durability. So i look for “item location” or “manufacturer’s” location, but do not get me wrong, a lot of products are made now days in China with excellent quality, but not everything.

Once you know the manufacturer’s name, check other B2B sites (like Alibaba), profiles where customer had made comments on the seller to see what is said, time the business has being running (at least over 3 years).


Buy a bad reviewed item

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Even if the reviews are bad, you may still go and read them to see what people wrote, if you are planning to get the item for a specific purpose and all negativity comes because the item “does not do” this or that, maybe it is not what you want it in the first place, so you can ignore these comments from influence your purchase decision.

For example lets say you are from a US north state and you looking for a T-shirt on a Montana Manufacture store, most likely this store will make thick heavy cloth mostly and lets say there is a 1 star review; you go over it and the person states the shirt is too hot for the Miami city he is on. Well, that was his fault for getting and item from a manufacturer that is on a state that is mostly cold weather, but as you are fro ma Northern state as well, you may want the item to be thick heavy fabric.


Positive feed back is under 50%

I do not buy anything with positive scores (5 stars) under 50%, acknowledging that there can be 5 stars forced, sellout or fake reviews. That along with many overwhelming count of lowered opinions (the other 50%) are giving to the product triggers and alarm in my head. So i go over the review titles to validate which seem legit for the 5 star ones, and for the lowered star once what was the reason for it. If it is something that will bother me if it happens to me, i would avoid the product.


Get the experts opinion.


Besides checking reviews on Amazon, I advise you yo go to YouTube and look overall what tech reviewers say about the product (i remark only tech reviewers on tech channels), or other products they reviewed on the same category, content creators like Marques Brownlee, TechSource or Linus Tech Tips (pictures above) and others.


What else can i get from tech reviewers?

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Search YouTube for product name and add promo or promotional code on the search criteria, there are tech reviewers that have discount codes on their videos description of the product. There are sites that “offer” these type of codes but in experience the sites are not longer reliable, may work from time to time though.


Listing price history 

Use a site like, paste the link of the product and track history of its listing price. This is useful in case product shows a big discount from its “original” price, but after you check this notice that the prices was raised and reduced from one day to the other, making the product “look” on discount, but it may have being at that price for a long time.


Am i getting what i see?

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If you are not sure of color, detail or size of the product, go over the customer reviews (1 to 4 star ones) and check for users that uploaded photos or videos showing the product and what they say about the dimensions.


This product has only 5 stars!

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Yes it sounds like a great deal, however I would advise you that if a product has almost only 5 star reviews to go over them at least on the titles, things like “the best ever for anyone”, “you would never buy another pair after these”, “recommended for all ages”. Titles like these raise and alarm, seems a forced, sellout or near fake 5 reviews. Usually their description is also pretty short and just overwhelmingly talk about how the product change their lives.


These rules come from personal opinion and in experience what i follow, and rarely consider making exceptions. Hope next time you visit your wish list these help you a lot.

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