This is what I’ve learned after years of shopping on eBay

This is what I’ve learned after years of shopping on eBay

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These strategies to buy on eBay will differentiate from being rookie and become a more aware online shopper. There is no reason not to enjoy the comfort of your home when going to a site like eBay and received a package the next days instead of going to the store; but if have you ever received a product that had you dissatisfied.

I invite you to follow these tips to save you time and money and along the way ending up enjoin a nice product that reaches your expectations.


So these are my eBay rules


Read over all product description

If after you get a product you have a complain about it is fair to go to the seller and ask them about it or request a refund/replacement, however if the detail that has made you be dissatisfied about the product is in deed described on the post; then you complain will not pass as eBay will not have a seller respond if the item does not fulfill your expectations due to not reading what you would get, it will be up to you and as you will learn on the next tips, this applies to not just the item description. In the past, there were sellers that hide text using yellow color and/or tiny letters; is not the case anymore, but still make sure to read carefully.

I do not buy from a seller with rating under 98% positive feedback.

It would seem that buying from someone with that high percentage of good feedback would be a good option, however experience has show me that it is a red flag. So it is highly advise to go over the reviews and read over comments for bad reviews over last 12 months for that customer and see why customers were dissatisfied to see if that reason would concern you ass well. The reason of these could vary from item quality, it did not arrived or there was no communication from seller after an issue.

Consider that for many eBay sellers a perfect positive feed back score may be what it matters to them the most for their store, so they would make their best effort to keep you happy to get that good feedback reflected specially a store with over 5000 transactions.

So over 99% positive feed back can be considered as a excellent seller, nevertheless not to be confused with “product” reputation, the next tips will help you on that.

The “China version” argument

More often than not you find a product listing that is locate in China, but has the stock pictures regular or what the product’s official sites use. However when going over the description you may find and argument that says “this is the China version”, not to confuse it with “made in China”, a lot of good things are made in China and had become the world’s largest supplier, you could say anyone has something that came from there, but basically what “China version” means is: “do not expect this would look like, will be made of or can be use the same as the official product is”. Consider what it means “China version”, when a product is originally manufactured in US.

Also this is the only scenario i have seeing that the item pictures are not the what the actual end product “looked” like neither the description explains in detail what you would get. But as long as you are aware of this or prefer not to buy anything listed as “china version”, you would be OK.

Do not trust the posted images completely.

Image result for ebay expectation vs reality carpet

This seems part of of the previous tip, but there are also U.S. and else located stores that sell products with images of not the actual product they have in stock. The seller’s item description should detail  what they are selling, do not only trust on the pictures from the listing, specially if you cannot enlarge those.

Also things like color or size change may be described on the post but different from what you would see. Ask yourself where they may have got the items first.

Read the shipping details

Image result for ebay shipping description

Make sure to go over seller restrictions on shipping before purchase, for example there are sellers that  do not ship to neither APO/FPO, P.O. Boxes or protectorate addresses; so make sure you will be able to send it where needed.
Additional there are sellers that only ship to the billing address listed on the PayPal account used to pay. Further on this last, some sellers may have the option to request you to contact and letting them know what address you want the item to be sent; or make sure you update your billing address on PayPal to the location you want it delivered.

eBay product reviews and star rating (on the product, not the seller)

Probably the least reliable source to learn what to expect. Review count is usually pretty low and when reading over the eBay reviews i have found myself considering over 96% of these “reviews” to be sellout fake, the other 4% are doubtful. Best option would be to go to Amazon and YouTube and paste the name of the product and check the reviews there.


This is part of what I learned through the years, eBay is a good platform and hopefully, at the end of the day, these rules will make you a more satisfied costumer.

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